“Finally Master the BEST Design Tool You Can Use for Your Product Creation, Cover Design and More...Here’s How!
“Take Charge of Your Product Designs by Easily Mastering the Most Powerful Design Tool on the Planet!”
Say Goodbye to Software Intimidation by Following These Easy-to-Use Tutorials!
I hear it all the time…that product creators, designers and authors are intimidated by Photoshop and so they choose to not use it. I get it…even after using Photoshop for over 25 years myself, there are STILL things I don’t know how to do in it. I don’t NEED to know. Neither do you!

The truth is that you can create 100% of what you need, design-wise, in Photoshop using a small subset of the toolsIf you know which tools to use. And the GOOD news is that those tools are EASY to use! Most product creators ONLY need to understand the BASICS…these are operations, tools and strategies that ANY decent image editor can perform. Photoshop is simply the BEST at performing them!

After creating PS Instant Expert years ago, I vowed I would NEVER create another how-to Photoshop training.
I’ve had a change of heart. Why? First of all, Photoshop has changed a LOT since then...if anything it's even MORE complex! And second, I realized that the BASICS are all anyone ever uses anyway (including me) and THAT is where most people struggle. But with these BASICS…oh boy…you can design and create nearly ANYTHING visually once you understand them!

With that in mind, I decided to create a new training series…PS Master Design…where I ONLY focus on what information product creators NEED to understand in Photoshop. Nothing More! No 3D design…no fancy video correction…no high-tech template creation. Just what you will actually need and use. That’s it! 

And to keep this training as future-proof as possible, I will be using the latest version of Photoshop available at the time of the recording…Photoshop CC 20.0.4. And if you have an older version of Photoshop than what I’m using (like CS6). That’s okay. Nearly everything I show you will work with ANY recent version of Photoshop!

Here is a business truth I hope you understand…you’re ONLY as good as the tools you use. Photoshop is the best image editor on the planet. It’s time you learn it…I’ll show you how. It will be much easier than you think!

“If you design (or wish to design) Book Covers, Graphics for
POD Products, Graphics for Powerpoint Slides and Other
Digital Media Products, Web Graphics, Social Media Graphics,
Book Illustrations and More...This Product Is for YOU!”
Here is what we cover in this new, 3-Module training...
  • Module 1: Photoshop Fundamentals – In this module we cover the tools you will use in nearly ANY project...like document setup and creation, image and canvas sizing, scaling and resolution, selection tools, toolbar options, and much more!
  • Module 2: Photoshop Design Tools – In this module we explore fonts and typography tools, brushes, color palettes, patterns, cloning tools, healing effects, paths, filters and much more!
  • Module 3: Photoshop Creation Tools – In this module we dig into working with layers and layer effects, styles, actions and smart objects.
Throughout the training, there will be Case Studies used to demonstrate the various tools. To make it as easy as possible for you to “learn by doing,” I will include all the source images and my final PSD files so you can see first-hand what I created and how…and so you can follow along for yourself.

I am also including a couple important BONUSES:
  • Bonus #1: Software Deep Dive – Photoshop Mobile Apps: Adobe currently offers 4 Photoshop apps for mobile devices, Express, Mix, Fix and Sketch. In this deep dive we explore all four!
  • Bonus #2: Software Deep Dive – PhotoPea: PhotoPea is a web-based Photoshop alternative that has most of the same core tools as Photoshop does...and it’s FREE.
  • NEWLY ADDED BONUS – Creating a Complex Photo Composite Using Photoshop: In this bonus training, I show you, beginning to end, how I create a complex, fantasy-inspired photo composite that pulls together many of the tools and strategies included in the course training.
  • NEWLY ADDED BONUS – PS Instant Expert: This is my original training on Photoshop. While it's based on an earlier version of Photoshop, you will still find it extremely valuable for whichever version of Photoshop you currently use.
You Are Invited to Join Me for “PS Master Design!”
“PS Master Design” is a 3-Module Workshop where you will discover how to use all the tools necessary for creating professional-looking digital products, book covers, illustrations, packaging and more!

With your one-time investment, you will gain access to:

    • Ongoing Access to the Video Replays of all 3 Modules (6 Hours of Training!).
    • Source files and final PSD files created during the training (to follow along later at your convenience).
    • Bonus #1: Software Deep – Photoshop Mobile Apps.
    • Bonus #2: Software Deep – PhotoPea.
    • NEW BONUS: Creating a Complex Photo Composite Using Photoshop
    • NEW BONUS: “PS Instant Expert” Video Training

Due to the comprehensive nature of this training, the regular price for this training will be $297...a smart investment to master a complex program. But as an introductory Early-Bird Offer, I am going to discount the training for current subscribers and customers ONLY! Instead of $297, you can gain full and ongoing access to “PS Master Design” for...
Just $297 $147 $77!
A Savings of $220!
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NOTE: Due to the nature of the training and the proprietary information shared in this course, there will be NO REFUNDS!
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